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Paradise Lost in Space. A cartoon representation of Adam and Eve being expelled from the Garden of Eden

 About Us 

Joshua Fesi
- Book and Lyrics

Joshua is a nonbinary writer, performer, visual artist, and lecturer with a Ph.D. in English Literature from Rutgers University. In their writing, Joshua plays with generic tropes to reimagine queer expression. Joshua is a creator and producer of the queer fantasy webseries The Fae, which was an official selection of the Big Apple Film Festival, Philadelphia Independent Film Festival, QueerX Film Festival, qFLIX:The LGBTQ+ Film Festival, and PrideFlix Virtual Film Festival in 2021, and OUTstream Film Fest in 2020. Joshua has starred in five queer theater showcases in Vermont’s Faerie Camp Destiny.

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Omri Navot
- Book and Lyrics

Omri is a nonbinary writer and artist whose mission is to create myths that inspire transformation in society. Their storytelling aims to convey the beauty and wisdom of otherness, especially the queer experience, to foster empathy and promote social justice across gender, culture, and class fault lines. Omri has written three novels for young adults: Where Spirits Live, The Fifth Immortal and The Lesser Light. In these novels, characters learn to integrate the spiritual experience of otherness, and bring change to their relationships and communities. Their stories and personal essays have appeared in RFD: Radical Faerie Digest, The Isler Hawaii, and RISK!, the storytelling podcast.

Fiora "Feathers" Wise
- Music

Fiora is a transgender songwriter and music producer hailing from Novato, CA. She plays the piano, rhythm guitar, and has a four-octave vocal range. She has released two studio EP’s, and her single “I Am Not Afraid” was shortlisted for a 2022 Grammy Award. Fiora’s compositions have appeared in video games, film soundtracks, musical theater, and pop music. She produced songs for upcoming queer artists in association with producer Phillip Carroll’s company Recording Artists Development, and taught songwriting and music production to LGBT youth in the NYC shelter system through the “Arts in the Woods” program at Easton Mountain.

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 Development History 

Paradise Lost in Space was born in a book club in 2015, where Joshua and Omri read John Milton's classic work, Paradise Lost. Following the iconoclastic threads in Milton's epic poem, they decided to adapt it into a subversive play for their Radical Faerie community. Their vision was to queer up the Judeo-Christian origin myth, give it a comedic sci-fi spin, and center Eve as a gender-nonconforming trailblazer.


In 2016, they brought Paradise Lost in Space to Faerie Camp Destiny in Vermont as a straight play. Over the course of one week, the community rehearsed the show, built sets, and made costumes. With the help of over ffity volunteers, the play was performed as a ritual theater piece in the woods for one night only, lit by firelight and LED flashlights. Following the success of that performance, they brought the show to another Radical Faerie community in 2019, this time in Tennessee. 


After the Radical Faerie community embraced the play, which had only three songs in it, Joshua and Omri decided to expand the show for a wider audience. In 2020, they began to rewrite Paradise Lost in Space as a musical, teaming up with composer Fiora Wise. The finished musical will have a completely revised book and sixteen songs.


In August of 2021, the team was honored to join the New York City Artists Corps. They used a grant from the New York Foundation for the Arts to stage an in-development reading in October 2021, featuring eight actors and a pianist. The show was performed at The Players NYC for an audience of 150+ people, and showcased seven of the musical's songs.

The team is now hard at work finishing the songs, revising the script, recruiting collaborators, and preparing for the next performance!

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